Lucy’s Purple Pullover is an enthralling little story with a message to children. It makes for interesting reading thanks to the writer’s meticulous attention to characterization, contemporary setting, style and diction that have been smoothly knitted in to a fine piece of fabric like Lucy’s pullover.

As the story develops, it gets more intriguing with Lucy and Jenny being centre-stage. The action at school with a bunch of bullies around Lucy and Jenny adds excitement to the story. The climax brings about a twist to the story with Lucy beginning to like the pullover.

The author has beautifully juxtaposed contraries and achieved harmony at the end. I was personally fascinated to read the story.  

-- Dr. R. J. George
Head of the Department of English
The Royal Commission’s Jubail Technical College
Jubail Industrial City
Saudi Arabia

Lucy gets a Christmas gift that she knows would cause her no end of trouble from the kids at school. It is an oversized purple pullover her aunt knitted for her with what looks to Lucy to be a pink gorilla in the front of it!

Groaning, Lucy thinks she looks like a giant furry grape but she did promise her aunt she would wear it. The class bully and his friends have a great time spending the day taunting her. Lucy is embarrassed by their teasing and the monkey noises they send her way but she tries to ignore them. On the way home after school, Lucy and her friend, Jenny, are caught unaware by a surprising discovery and a NEW use for the purple pullover!

If your kids or grandkids have ever received a gift they did not like and know what to do with, Lucy’s Purple Pullover will certainly light their imaginations.

Kavitha Punniyamurthi’s illustrations are charming and she has written a story that shows children compassion and caring for other creatures.

-- J.D Holiday, Children’s Author and Illustrator
Reviewed at JD's Writers Blog